Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So you stumbled in and want to know whats going on...

Hi people who managed to find their way here!

This is whats going on I'm a recent university graduate, a skeptic, atheist and gamer. This is more or less my experiment in getting some of my thoughts on to paper err pixels. So the current plan is, to try to post something every couple days on what ever rambled thoughts I'm trying to put into words at the time. This'll probably cover a bunch of completely conflicting subject maters but at the very least I hope to have fun doing it. Plus hey (queue the ominous music) what's the worst that could happen?

If anyone stumbles in and comments great though I'm not holding my breath right now. I'm not going to lay down any rules or anything right now (lets watch that come back to bite me in the ass) but I'll ask that we try to stick to criticizing ideas and just cussing people out.

Warning to the English majors: I'll probably be writing somewhat informally and I freely admit spelling and grammar were never my strong suits so if you really care about those things this might get a bit grating for you.

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