Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An open letter to my MP

Hello ,

As one of your constituents, I received a one of your pamphlets and tax guides today. You make a significant point on your goal to ensure that Canadian children are safe. While protecting them from sex offenders is important, what is being done to protect them from our national debt?

According to debtclock.ca $581.7 billion of which I am proportionally responsible for ~$17,000. This proportion will certainly rise as our population continues to age. As a young adult who's thinking of starting a family in a few years I'm becoming more concerned with the burden this will place on me as well as my children. So, what your and/or your government's plan is to address this growing issue.

To be frank, I'm worried to see an emphasis on tax cuts, a loss of revenue for the government, and the potentially costly crime omnibus bill. I'm interested in your view on how we will reconcile these actions with the need to lower our debt before it becomes as serious as it is in Europe. Is there a plan or are these short sighted goals?

Please consider this issue as we go forward.

sincerely your constituent,

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