Thursday, February 21, 2013

I feel unwelcome in skepticism :)

I don't feel welcome in skepticism anymore. (this is a bit of a rant but I just want to let it out)

The whole movement seems more and more inflexible. Unwilling to address important issues and topics under the cover of politics and trying to keep people happy. Oh we can discuss any empirical matter they say. For example they say we can say that the evidence shows that gay parents can raise kids as well as straight parents but wouldn't make a leap to say gay and straight adults have equal rights to be parents. No we can't take that stand for what is right or moral or make any extensions beyond the facts to what should be done. Unless its a position I care about that is. Then skepticism should promote vaccination and campaign to tackle climate change. But try to make the life of one down trodden women, black, gay or trans individual better and it's gone to far.

What should be a progressive movement, a movement of political and social change of using science, reason, evidence and doubt to make the world better and try to affect positive change given our best understanding of the world is instead small and insular. Conservative and unwilling to affect change even in its own boarders to make things better for people. It's become a bludgeon to support existing views rather then a tool to evaluate those views. Large voices in the movement use skepticism as a shroud to cover the tortured logic and are unable to even listen to criticism of their views.

None of these views seem particularly welcome or desired by the leaders of the movement. Though I will always keep many of the same values, as time goes on and the more I read the less I want anything to do with organised skepticism.

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